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My name is Kelly (…hello Kelly…)

I am here because the voices in my head made me. Yes, I have tried to ignore them but they can get very loud. If they think I’m ignoring them, they make me go shopping and take the money out of my wallet and hand it over to the lady at the Chanel counter. Or the assistant at Bloomingdales shoe salon. Or sometimes they take the cookies out of the pantry and put them in my mouth. If I don’t write the words, they sometimes make me say the words and then it can get really ugly, because it’s one thing to write the crazies down and quite another to go around saying that shit to people. Ya know?

Anyhoo…that’s me and my voices. Nice meeting you. :)

ida film

The Mercurial Movie Review – Ida

From Imbd:

“Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation.”

Director:  Pawel Pawlikowski

Writers:  Pawel Pawlikowski (screenplay), Rebecca Lenkiewicz (screenplay)

I read the review of this film early one morning and filed it under the “as soon as I’ve finished (the laundry, shopping, shaving, cooking, waxing the moose, etc.) everything else” part of my brain.

Before I knew what was happening it was Monday and I was clicking the play button on Netflix.  Soul searching doesn’t appeal to me while on vacation, but the reviews were stellar and black and white foreign films are my weakness.  Ida was everything the critics promised and more; exposing Anna’s story in a manner the New York Times called “breathtakingly concise” The austere setting of Poland in the 1960’s against the solemn young nun on the eve of her vow-taking in the convent is poignant.

What I liked:

-Film length:  this beautifully moving story unfolded in just over an hour.

-The ending:   Didn’t see that coming.  Thought for sure she was done.

What I didn’t like:

-The drinking.  I can’t watch anyone drink as much as Anna’s hellacious aunt did in this film and not get a hangover.

-The smoking:  See drinking. I need an oxygen mask.

Ida was well worth my time and yours; run don’t walk over to Netflix and get started, or at least get some additional inspiration from the NY Times review.  Enjoy.

The original New York Times review by A.O. Scott.

Wild, beautiful and free.  Just like the sea.
Nick and Meg at the Pont des Arts bridge, Paris.

The Mercurial Movie Review – Le Weekend

Le Weekend

  Starring:  Jim Broadbent, and Lindsay Duncan.  Release date: March 14, 2014 (USA)  Director: Roger Michell Screenplay: Hanif Kureishi

Holiday stay-cations for writers are an opportunity to restore balance, overeat, destress, sleep late, and write watch movies on Netflix.

In a vain attempt to justify these Netflix marathons I will be publishing an erratic series of film reactions plus (where applicable) the original New York Times review to add some gravitas.

I love movies where married couples head to exotic locations for the weekend to hash out their relationship as much as anyone.  I have also been a Jim Broadbent fan since the Blackadder days (the one where he plays interpreter for the Infanta is hysterical, but I digress…).  So when I read the description blurb under Top Picks, I was in.

A.O. Scott of the New York Times says, “This is not a movie about the gentle aging of lovable codgers.”  Too true!  The main characters Nick and Meg run the gamut of feelings for one another, to their grown children, to their financial status.  Revealing and honest, it is not always pretty nor kind but hey, that’s life n’est-ce pas?

What I liked about Le Weekend:

-Setting:  love at every stage is just better in the City of Lights. This would’ve never went down in Detroit.

-Dialogue:  brutal honesty between two people after 30 years as they navigate a spectrum of emotions:  love, acceptance, avoidance, anger, and resentment all have a place in their marriage.  Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan return to Paris after many years to rejuvenate their marriage.  Or is it to break up?

-Characters:  If you’ve been married for more than ten years, you can begin to appreciate Meg and Nick.  That they are Brits seems to keep it real;  we are willing to take them at face value and hear them out.  This wouldn’t have worked with an American cast.  They would’ve been botoxed, suntanned and Meg would have definitely scored with that French guy from the balcony.  We would have called the authorities over Nick getting high with the young boy in his room.  Jeff Goldblum’s character notwithstanding; his vanity was clearly New York.  Sorry.

What I didn’t like about Le Weekend:

– Everyone chewing with their mouth open?  Really?  Manners cost nothing!  I don’t need to hear how much you like your food.  Paris or not…

– Jim Broadbent on all fours crawling towards Lindsay Duncan.  There’s not enough brain bleach in the entire world to erase that scene from my mind.

– The ending.  I know that life is not perfect with “endings” to all the world’s problems but I am American, and I need my films to have resolve.  I need closure.  I need these two people to ride off into the sunset. Or Montmartre.

Overall Le Weekend is a film worth watching.  I did like it even if it was difficult to watch at times.   If you would like to read more before heading over to Netlfix, click on the link below for Scott’s review.  Enjoy!

The New York Times review of Le Weekend

Featured image: Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent in “Le Week-End.” Credit Nicola Dove/Music Box Films.  Used without permission for entertainment purposes only.

2014 in review
My anti bucket list

Never, Ever, Ever…Did I Mention Never…?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

10.  Eat at the Olive Garden

9.  Identify a dead body

8.  Identify a dead body at the Olive Garden

7.  Attend a One Direction concert

6.  Wear fragrance whose title begins, “If you like…”

5.  Shop at JC Penney

4.  Find my picture on Facebook captioned “Walmartian”

3.  Wear something even remotely related to Pandora.  

2.  Read 50 Shades of anything…

1.  Work in an office.  Again.

For more fed up and snarky comments, for clarification on the Pandora thing, or to hear my alter ego rage on, visit  Thanks for reading.